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SEE ICT is a non-profit organization founded in Belgrade in 2010. Our mission is to create a supportive environment for the development of startup culture and community. We offer support to companies, organizations and individuals who strive to make the world a better place using new technologies.

We offer highly relevant, advanced educational content, and hands-on experience. Among our projects are Startup Academy, iOS Academy and
Our Startit Centre is the hub for networking, knowledge and experience exchange. Every week, we host meetups for startups, designers, programmers and other IT professionals.
Law, public policy, public opinion — all have immense influence on the startup ecosystem. We strive to challenge and influence decision-makers to help break down all barriers for tech startups.
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Our commitment and hard work are equivalent to the size of our mission. So far, we’ve achieved quite a bit — let’s see what we can do once you join us!

Starlit Centrer, 50 000 readers on our blog, successes of Startup Academy and iOS Academy wouldn’t be possible without the dedication, ambition and passion for change. This is the way we approach our work and values we strive to promote.

Six years after our first project, we created our local startup ecosystem from scratch and created the home to Serbian IT community in our Starlit Centre. Our programs have helped self-employ more than a hundred young people, while startups that have gone through our programs have raised more than 2 million euros.

Our projects

SEE ICT offers educational and networking opportunities for young people to create innovative, sustainable entrepreneurial projects with new technologies on a global scale.

IT Događaji
Mobile Monday
Potkrovlje HUB
Startap Akademija
Startit Fest
Moja Posla
Startap Radionice

SEE ICT — 101

SEE ICT is a grass-root non-profit organization established in 2010, with the mission to develop Serbian technology and startup scene.


We are providing contacts, expertise and motivation for our youth to master technology and be a leader in the world's technological progress and/or start entrepreneurial endeavours aimed towards a global market.

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