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SEE ICT is a grass-root non-profit organization established in 2010, with the mission to provide meaningful, deep support to Serbian technology and startup scene in order to foster higher employment and economic growth. We are proud to say that our activities have reached more than 100.000 people in Serbia and 70% of all investment rounds in tech startups in Serbia were raised by startups from our projects. Their most recent project is Tesla Nation.

Relevant and advanced educational content with the emphasis on practical knowledge in tech and digital sector. We provide courses, lectures, workshops and online content for tech and startup professionals, but also for those who are getting ready to enter this market. The employment rate of participants is close to 100%.
We are connecting investors, startups, engineers, designers, public sector and media through more than 200 events we have organized and our mentorship program. Our, the most credible tech portal in the country, is a platform for sharing and exchanging knowledge and experience and it is the most advanced tech events database in the country.
We are behind the largest non-profit crowdfunding success in the region, first startup conference, non-profit hackathon, startup school, etc. We are constantly looking for new ways to achieve our goals and are willingly sharing our knowledge with others.
With our 5 community, event and coworking spaces around the country we are determined to bring the tech revolution to the smaller cities in Serbia. Combined with our online portal which is read by 50,000 people every month, our social media and youtube education channels, we are reaching everyone who wants to find out more about the tech industry in Serbia and get involved in it.

We believe that technology is a huge driver of positive changes in the society and by using it we want to help our countrymen live better and more fulfilled lives. Thanks to this, we have managed to create a large and steadily-growing community around our mission and a thriving startup ecosystem which stimulates knowledge sharing, giving-back mentality and volunteering towards a higher goal. In brief, our purpose is said to be cultural emancipation, professional education, and communal prosperity through shared knowledge, networking and activism. For our latest project we have opened a call for quotes for conducting due diligence, global partnerships and mapping co-founding and R&D opportunities.

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We have worked with more than 100 organisations of all kinds both from Serbia and from without — here are some of our most important international partners.

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SEE ICT is a grass-root non-profit organization established in 2010, with the mission to develop Serbian technology and startup scene.


We are providing contacts, expertise and motivation for our youth to master technology and be a leader in the world's technological progress and/or start entrepreneurial endeavours aimed towards a global market.

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